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Ewedihalew (audio mp3) by Dezry Kay is now available for download or streaming on MziQi music App for free for any smart device.

You can download Ewedihalew (audio mp3) by Dezry Kay or any other music of your choice here absolutely free. All these content found here are available o Youtube.

Dezry Kay is a south african artist who has done so much including performing at the South African world cup. There are more songs you can download here.

The song was uploaded on YouTube on August 4th 2021 and has garnered more than 6k views. The music vide has more than 100 comments and 100o likes.

Below are some comments available on the song now on YouTube;

Ethio habesha
20 hours ago
Wow Dezry Kay beautiful i love it

Minyahel Enlightened
22 hours ago
I love your styles. Good job 👍

King sued
18 hours ago

Good job Kay… More to come

The above comments are just some of the available comments on YouTube video. This song is a peropety of Dezry Kay and should not be used for any other purposes.

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